Thursday, September 25, 2014

HSML Holiday Happenings

Well, actually this is a holiday competition, but that doesn't start with an H, right?

This is a story with photos, so sit back and enjoy...

Once upon a time we had a couple of creative student employees, H David:

And Amanda:

It all started rather innocently with a hat...on, well, this is it (it says "squeeze for service:):

We have this tradition of squeezing creatures for service (in case nobody is in sight at the desk - someone comes running when we hear the creature, most of the time) and we realized that for a while the sign has said squeeze the frog, when, in fact, it was a lizard.

Here is the old sign (a lovely work of art in and of itself, not sure whose, tho...notice the tongue ;-):

Anyway, H David created the hat above to serve as the "sign" and then that inspired Amanda to create this hat:

Hint: this is where the holidayness came in.

Both of these hats are impressive works of art and craft and I thought I'd do a little post on Facebook with them together like this:

A lovely pair, don't you think?  But... THEN... the plot thickens!! There is more!

Amanda added to the Reserve Squirrel appropriate mode of transport:

Zoom! Now the witch has a broom!!! She is flying!!!

Way to up the ante.

So H David knew he had to enhance the lizard...and this is what he did!

He totally revamped the hat and added a magic wand and, voila! A Lizard Wizard!

(the pumpkin is a side story, but pertinent in a holidayish way)

SO, the verdict is that in this little HSML competition, it is a TIE. And it is also anticipatory of one of our favorite they are together again (kinda) with the pumpkin:

And thank you, Amanda and H David!!

Now do we need a sign that says "Squeeze the Wizard Lizard?" Or is it a Lizard Wizard? We are pondering life's persistent questions here at the HSML!