Sunday, September 20, 2015

HSML dives into Social Media - STAY TUNED!

Dear Folks,

We at the Harold Schiffman Music Library are excited to alert you to the fact that over the next week we will be all over social media in a new way (for us). The platforms are:

Blog: (before we were the Harold Schiffman Music Library!)
Facebook: Schiffman Music Library

Find and follow us on these platforms:

Twitter: @hsmluncg
Instagram: hsmluncg
tumblr: hsmluncg
Pinterest: UNCG Harold Schiffman Music Library

OR in a much more visually pleasant and informative way (thank you, Alaina!):

We are planning to share:

Mother Earth Mondays
What is it Wednesdays
Fun Fact Fridays
a return to Sleevefacing - WOO!
as well as miscellaneous fun and fabulous factoids.

The social media team leaders consists of Evan and HDavid with help from Alaina and Dallas and moi. All of our wonderful student employees will be adding to the conversation. THANKS to all for your involvement!! Share, follow, like and the like...