Friday, September 16, 2016

HSML Student Employees Fall 2016 - Wheee!

I Know, I should just call this blog the HSML Student Employee Blog, because a majority of posts  for the last few years have been all about these cool people who make all the difference for us and keep us running.

That said, I can't resist doing this again!

Alpha by first name (because, after all ,I am a librarian), here they are, the amazing, the awesome....the SCHIFFMINIONS!!!

Happy New Year!!! We are so happy you are here and part of the HSML team!

















And the Supervisor Team:




Go team!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

HSML dives into Social Media - STAY TUNED!

Dear Folks,

We at the Harold Schiffman Music Library are excited to alert you to the fact that over the next week we will be all over social media in a new way (for us). The platforms are:

Blog: (before we were the Harold Schiffman Music Library!)
Facebook: Schiffman Music Library

Find and follow us on these platforms:

Twitter: @hsmluncg
Instagram: hsmluncg
tumblr: hsmluncg
Pinterest: UNCG Harold Schiffman Music Library

OR in a much more visually pleasant and informative way (thank you, Alaina!):

We are planning to share:

Mother Earth Mondays
What is it Wednesdays
Fun Fact Fridays
a return to Sleevefacing - WOO!
as well as miscellaneous fun and fabulous factoids.

The social media team leaders consists of Evan and HDavid with help from Alaina and Dallas and moi. All of our wonderful student employees will be adding to the conversation. THANKS to all for your involvement!! Share, follow, like and the like...


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Concert of Music by Louise Talma, Friday, October 2, 5:30PM

Louise Talma Concert to celebrate the UNCG Linda Arnold Carlisle Grant Awarded to 

Music Librarian Sarah Dorsey

Louise Talma 1945

The FREE concert will take place on Friday evening, October 2nd at 5:30 in the Organ Recital Hall at the UNCG School of Music, Theatre and Dance. Performers include UNCG faculty and students. Following the performance, there will be a reception in the Harold Schiffman Music Library.

Sarah B. Dorsey, Head of UNCG’s Harold Schiffman Music Library, is the recipient of the 2014-15 Women’s and Gender Studies Linda Arnold Carlisle Faculty Research Grant Award. Dorsey’s award supports her work on a biography of composer, pianist and pedagogue, Louise Talma (1906-1996), which she will complete while on Research Assignment during the spring semester of 2016.

Talma was a pioneering American composer of the twentieth century. The second female composer to receive a Guggenheim fellowship, she was the first to win two consecutively (in 1946 and ‘47). She was the first American to teach with famed French pedagogue Nadia Boulanger at Fontainebleau. Thirteen years after receiving an award from the National Institute of Arts and Letters for her three act grand opera (The Alcestiad, written on a libretto by Thornton Wilder), Talma was finally 
invited to join the august institution in 1974, the first female composer so honored.

Chamber music, organ and piano works, including at least one world premiere, discovered last year at the Library of Congress, will make up the program. The pieces to be performed represent over five decades of compositional output by Talma, who lived in Manhattan most of her life, taught at Hunter College for over 50 years and composed in the woods of New Hampshire at the MacDowell Colony. Pieces presented will reveal Talma’s fascination with the environment.

In addition to celebrating the Carlisle Grant, Dorsey will feature recordings from the concert as part of her book which will link to a web site enabling her readers to hear the music while reading about it.

If you have any questions, contact Sarah at or 336.334.5610.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy New Year!

One of the delicious things about working in academia is that we get TWO new years: the calendar new year and the academic new year. Last week we started a new academic year here at UNCG and to celebrate that fact in the UNCG HSML, I will share with you the bright faces starting this year with us!

Also, it has been almost a year since our last blogspot, but we're looking to reinvigorate our presence in the virtual world with a little help from some experts. Here's to new beginnings!

So, in alphabetical order by first names (yes, every now and again I am actually linear ;-) I give you the wonderful faces of our awesome student employees who will greet you at the HSML desk this semester! And because we were in the CITI lab for this opening of the year event, the door was the most colorful backdrop available. Enjoy!

Cheers to all and..Happy New Year!
















And just to be fair, here are the HSML supervisors:

(again, in alpha order by first name)



(yours truly)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

HSML Holiday Happenings

Well, actually this is a holiday competition, but that doesn't start with an H, right?

This is a story with photos, so sit back and enjoy...

Once upon a time we had a couple of creative student employees, H David:

And Amanda:

It all started rather innocently with a hat...on, well, this is it (it says "squeeze for service:):

We have this tradition of squeezing creatures for service (in case nobody is in sight at the desk - someone comes running when we hear the creature, most of the time) and we realized that for a while the sign has said squeeze the frog, when, in fact, it was a lizard.

Here is the old sign (a lovely work of art in and of itself, not sure whose, tho...notice the tongue ;-):

Anyway, H David created the hat above to serve as the "sign" and then that inspired Amanda to create this hat:

Hint: this is where the holidayness came in.

Both of these hats are impressive works of art and craft and I thought I'd do a little post on Facebook with them together like this:

A lovely pair, don't you think?  But... THEN... the plot thickens!! There is more!

Amanda added to the Reserve Squirrel appropriate mode of transport:

Zoom! Now the witch has a broom!!! She is flying!!!

Way to up the ante.

So H David knew he had to enhance the lizard...and this is what he did!

He totally revamped the hat and added a magic wand and, voila! A Lizard Wizard!

(the pumpkin is a side story, but pertinent in a holidayish way)

SO, the verdict is that in this little HSML competition, it is a TIE. And it is also anticipatory of one of our favorite they are together again (kinda) with the pumpkin:

And thank you, Amanda and H David!!

Now do we need a sign that says "Squeeze the Wizard Lizard?" Or is it a Lizard Wizard? We are pondering life's persistent questions here at the HSML!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Super Duper Student Employees! Celebrating their wonderfulness!!

In the Harold Schiffman Music Library we have been lucky to have some wonderful student employees. Check out the cool Pokemon cards that Evan O'Neal created for a display to celebrate his colleagues (and himself) this spring. Order is random...ish...