Friday, September 21, 2012


OK, we've been waiting for them and they don't dissappoint!  Come set your keester down, check them out and see what you think...

And all of this is just in time for our First Friday Night Performance with the Old Time Music Ensemble.

6-7pm, free food and drink and COMFY CHAIRS!!! WOO HOO!!

Delivery shots:

On a beautiful, sunny Friday!

I think they are happy about this too!

Note new photo of Harold Schiffman on the wall :-)

They are there for two seconds...and a student can't resist - YAY!

OMG, yumminess!!

Notice Ainsley taking a photo she posted on FB in this one!  :-)

Oh, and here is our cool new building guru, Shane Bean hanging some art yesterday:


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

COLOR, COLOR, the POWER of COLOR....and more!

Talk about transformation!!!  

Our accent walls were painted (mostly - another coat coming) and the power of the color is huge!!  Here are some pics about it (and the other excitement that was yesterday - why does everything happen at the same time???  Murphy's law?):

Before the painters put color on the wall, our beautiful new periodical shelves arrived:

Mike and John oversee the excitement

And in a cosmic coordination, the shelves were left unattached to the wall so the painters could...

Do their job and...paint - they don't use ANY tape and the edges are amazing!  

First coat of Aged Wine completed and on to...

Robust Orange!!! On the front wall:

(see those tape!!)
By the way the names of the amazing painters are Ken Hall, Jack Mongold and Wallace Perdue.  Thanks, so much you guys!!!

And I could not resist MK's cool dress with the wall - talk about colors - Wow!!

And in the meantime...

The new photocopier/scanner needed work...

And we had to choose new fabric for the comfy chairs because our earlier choices are on back order - THANK YOU, once again to Patrick Lucas for helping out with that (and so much more)!!!  

Oh, yes, and teach a class (thanks to MK, for going to the meeting in the big house I could not make - not to mention everyone working to keep our operations going busy week 2 of the semester) and here comes the back wall:

Check out the cool sunset-like reflection on the shelves which will calm down some when the paint dries, or

and some second coats:


And notice how David cleverly changed the signs on the kiosk to blue (from orange - way to go, David!)

Just amazing, the transformation!

WOW!  What a delicious day in the Harold Schiffman Music Library!