Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the UNCG Music Library’s very first blog post and happy New Academic Year!

The ML Blog has been in the works for a while and Ted, MK and I are excited to get it off the ground. Let me introduce us briefly (we’ll have more in depth intros later): I’m Sarah Dorsey, Head of the Music Library, and I work with the wonderful Ted Hunter and MK Amos who, along with our wonderful student workers, keep this place humming.

We are starting this blog so we can inform our peeps (that’s you) about what is going on in the Music Library. We’ll keep you posted on such news items as new materials, projects, policies and databases and do our best to inform you about things that are changing (“constant change is here to stay!” - one of my favorite sayings...).

All three of us took classes in a series of Web 2.0 training sessions last semester (thanks to our excellent colleagues over in the big house - AKA Jackson Library) and it became clear that a Music Library blog would help us do our jobs better – because an informed patron (that’s you) is an empowered and happy one. And it also might be fun! We will take turns posting and hope that y’all will ask clarifying questions if you feel the need. And let us know if there is a topic you’d like us to address.

In fact, we do have a new jazz database - http://jazz.alexanderstreet.com/ - that, in these tough budgetary times, gives me great glee to introduce. Streaming music databases make me happy anyway (they use no physical shelf space, you can't lose or damage the CDs and they are available all the time!), but this one is cool because we did not have to pay any *more* money to get it. Alexander Street Press added it to our package of Music Online:


So, if you are affiliated with UNCG, you can listen from anywhere with your computer 24/7! How cool! Like I said, it makes me happy! I hope it makes you happy. More about our other streaming audio databases in a later post (I just couldn’t resist announcing this new one!).

This August is the 10th anniversary of our move from the old building on Tate St. (the one with the composer names on it) to this lovely facility. We feel pretty lucky to be here. Stay tuned for more!


Sarah for the ML Gang.

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