Thursday, September 10, 2009

Recycling in the Music Library and the Music Building

We've noticed that there has been some confusion about the recycling containers and what goes into each of them.  Here is a link to the OWRR (Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling) web site about recycling:

Please remember that because we get money (cold, hard cash!!) for office paper that putting soft drink containers into the office paper bins won't work...and please try to remember to *rinse* those containers before you put them into the commingle bins.

Noah and I worked with Ben Kunka from the OWRR last summer to increase the number of commingle bins - so, please use them (and encourage your friends as well)

Also, to better collect what we call "e-waste" there is a special container for collection of these special wastes inside the music library. 

This special new bin collects only the following:
  • alkaline batteries (AA, D, AAA, C)
  • rechargeable batteries (NiCd, Li-ion, Pb)
  • broken electronics
  • used toner and inkjet cartridges
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Diskettes
  • Tapes
  • Cell Phones
 Help spread the word that it is here and while you're at it, TURN THOSE LIGHTS OFF when you leave the bathrooms (as long as you're the last one out - tee hee!).


Sarah for Sustainability (and music libraries)

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