Friday, April 22, 2011

Appreciating our Student Employees!!

Without whom we would not be able to operate...really!!  Here are the photos in the current display case in the Music Library paying homage to our wonderful employees in the Music Library - THANK YOU ALL!!

Also, each student chose a service or a format with which to celebrate to publicize the variety we offer here in the Music Library...and to have fun (thanks, Sonia, for the idea and the captions that I'll add soon).

In random order (actually, chronological order of photos taken, come to think of it):

Sonia Archer-Capuzzo - Shhhhh!

Robert Dixon - Serena, the scanner!

David Covert - Booooks!

Lila Yasin - Graduate carrels!

James Williams - DVDs!

Jaydee Moore - Boom boxes!

Jon-Marc Dale - Blues collection!

Liane Elias - Freebies!!

Miho Yamaguchi - Digital voice recorders!

Lena Timmons - Music Research Guide!

Fred (Jonathan Frederick) - CD Rom orchestral parts!

Jessica - Sleevefacing...oops - see next photo!

Now, THAT'S sleevefacing!

Emma Dhesi - Video recorders!

Laurence Evans - LP Players!

Dana Boyle - Ipads!

Julian Hinshaw - Reel to reel player!  (Antique!!)

Alaina Jones - Laptops!

Chet Moon - UNCG Recital Recordings!

Thank you again, everyone!  We are so lucky to have such cool people to work with!!  Happy semester ending and summer to you all! 

 With love and appreciation from the ML Management team (MK Amos, Ted Hunter, Sarah Dorsey - and for 4 months, LaTesha Velez)

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  1. I wanted to add an extra thank you to you all for covering for me all semester while I've been taking care of my mom. You surely do rock my socks.