Wednesday, August 29, 2012

COLOR, COLOR, the POWER of COLOR....and more!

Talk about transformation!!!  

Our accent walls were painted (mostly - another coat coming) and the power of the color is huge!!  Here are some pics about it (and the other excitement that was yesterday - why does everything happen at the same time???  Murphy's law?):

Before the painters put color on the wall, our beautiful new periodical shelves arrived:

Mike and John oversee the excitement

And in a cosmic coordination, the shelves were left unattached to the wall so the painters could...

Do their job and...paint - they don't use ANY tape and the edges are amazing!  

First coat of Aged Wine completed and on to...

Robust Orange!!! On the front wall:

(see those tape!!)
By the way the names of the amazing painters are Ken Hall, Jack Mongold and Wallace Perdue.  Thanks, so much you guys!!!

And I could not resist MK's cool dress with the wall - talk about colors - Wow!!

And in the meantime...

The new photocopier/scanner needed work...

And we had to choose new fabric for the comfy chairs because our earlier choices are on back order - THANK YOU, once again to Patrick Lucas for helping out with that (and so much more)!!!  

Oh, yes, and teach a class (thanks to MK, for going to the meeting in the big house I could not make - not to mention everyone working to keep our operations going busy week 2 of the semester) and here comes the back wall:

Check out the cool sunset-like reflection on the shelves which will calm down some when the paint dries, or

and some second coats:


And notice how David cleverly changed the signs on the kiosk to blue (from orange - way to go, David!)

Just amazing, the transformation!

WOW!  What a delicious day in the Harold Schiffman Music Library!  

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