Monday, July 16, 2012

Renovation Plans Revealed by Ritch!

Long time no post...but this will be changing along with many things...

Here in the Harold Schiffman Music Library at UNCG we have lots to celebrate!  More on the name change soon (thank you, Harold and Jane!!), but first heads up on the Renovation!

Library employee Lauren Ritch has made an AMAZING display showing the before and after set ups.  Here are some photos so you can see what I mean.  Explanations under the specific photos. Thanks, Lauren!

As you can see, Lauren named the display appropriately: Changes in the Library.  Now a little more detail...starting with how things are now:

The BEFORE set up:

Lauren took photos of shelves, furniture, the music desk and created a "bird's eye" view of the library.

She even took photos of our offices:

OK, then comes the next part:

After the various phases of the renovation are done - before classes start (as the plan stands right now), here is what the library will look like (again, if you were a bird):

We are reducing and rearranging the Reference shelves, moving the Periodicals to a new area which will have some "comfy" chairs (and new shelves), removing the old, clunky carrels and replacing them with new, more space-efficient carrels (two kinds!) and putting "comfy" chairs in the main study space as well.

(And there is going to be....color!!  Lots of this is thanks to the input from Patrick Lukas and his IAR class - more on that soon)

Here is another view of this most excellent display (did you notice the colors of the words BEFORE and AFTER?). See the new orientation of the shelves near the entry?  See the new furniture?  We're excited to see this happen in reality!

Don't let this posting keep you from coming to look at our wonderfully communicative and creative display.  Thanks again to Lauren Ritch for her visionary labors!

Stay tuned...more to come!

p.s. There are other things happening in the lower portion of the library as well (though that is out of the scope of Lauren's display).  We are rearranging the location of LP shelving, adding some LP listening, and moving some graduate carrels down there (and some other furniture as well).

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