Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Haydn Seek" the Second

We interrupt the approaching snowpocalypse for a musical mystery!

Time for another exciting "Haydn Seek" from Stacey Krim of the UNCG Special Collections, Cello Music Collection! You may remember that we shared one of these last semester and discovered...with the help of Zoltan Szabo (visiting cellist from Australia in residence last December) that the previous piece was NOT classical and perhaps a pedagogical tool used by Fritz Magg. 

Below find a quartet "Scherzo Divertissement" a mystery.

See photos from the exhibit in the Harold Schiffman Music Library and scans of the piece below. Let the guessing (I mean educated speculation) begin! Contact Stacey - - if you have ideas. Thanks (and thank you, Stacey)! Be safe out there, y'all!

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