Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome Back - Yay Student Employees!

Because our student employees are so incredibly important to the efficient and excellent operation of our library, we are happy to celebrate them here.  We are welcoming our new and returning student employees to a new academic year with a photo display both here and in the display case in the Music Library.  Thanks to David Covert for organizing this display and making it look so cool!

Here are the photos in a somewhat random order (and, yes, *most* of them were all taken during our semester opening meeting in the CITI lab in Jackson Library on August 21, 2011):

 Laurence Evans

 Jacey Kepich

 Lena Timmons

 James Williams

 Kat Clift

 Gianna Capelli

 Miranda Freeman

 Emma Dhesi

 Lila Yasin

 David Covert

 Alaina Jones

 Jonathan Frederick (Fred)


 Liane Elias

 Chet Moon

Lauren Ritch

Miho Yamaguchi

Shonda Devine

With great gratitude from the Music Library management team:

 Ted Hunter

MK Amos

Sarah Dorsey (moi)
(David took this photo, I took the rest :-)

If you want to see the info about everyone, go to the Music Library display case before it is too late!

P.S. Some more cool people to come!!  Stay tuned!

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