Friday, August 3, 2012

Colors...colors!! A beginning...

Yesterday an addition to the Harold Schiffman Music Library occurred:  Colors!  One of the exciting elements of our renovation which was inspired by the Patrick Lee Lucas' Interior Architecture Third Year Studio Class (more on them soon!).  Here are some photos of the beginnings.  More to come (of course!).

First application of Robust Orange - woo hoo!

Second application of Robust Orange...can you stand the drama???

Third application (yes, yours truly is doing this) - James is taking the photo.

New periodicals wall (before) - oh, and James and Lauren (and empty reference shelves and book carts)

Competition between Aged Wine (left) and Concerto (right). 

Aged Wine Won (say that five times fast!). Nicely done, James!

Yes, Sarah made a mess with Concerto!

Lauren and David (note his t-shirt color) and James and the colors.

Again!  Colors make us happy!

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