Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Renovation Update: COMPUTERS!! And computer chairs!

Yesterday was yet another ravishing day full of change and excitement in the Harold Schiffman Music Library!  We got those way cool carrels and THE VERY NEXT DAY we get brand new computers to put into them!!  ERIT express!!  Check it out!

Here they are, say Michael and Franklin!

And the crew goes to work!  Thanks so much to Brown, Cheryl, Franklin, Keith and Michael!  Quick work and some of the drops work too, so we have (in record time, I think) computers up and running!  WOW!  I think we'll be ready for classes starting next week - YAY!

And a visit from some fellow ERITers support their colleagues:

In the meantime... you KNOW there were other things going on.  MK was busy training some of our new employees (pics on that soon), I got stuck in a faculty meeting all afternoon (no pics coming) and an historic event occurred when the VERY FIRST STUDENT plugged his computer into the electrical table - (looking pretty happy about that):


Lauren was hard at work on signage for our BRAND NEW ... well look and see:

You now walk down the stairs and you see:


"Smoody, woody, hoody, doody" (that is the scary Twilight Zone music - haha)

Our downstairs level will now be a place for (relatively) quiet study with the graduate carrels there and a table for undergrads too that they moved last night:

And, oh yes, after 5pm, they delivered the new blue (zingy color!) computer chairs (Jenny was there and David stayed late and Mike came over from Jackson, so we made quick work of moving 40 chairs).  Here they are sitting at the new carrels with the new computers:

And, one more thing...

Here is David telling me and Jenny the dramatic story of the hanging of The Quiet Zone sign including clever glue stick usage and Daniel Crupi (the tallest available patron) saving the "Z" from destruction.  (I think "The Quiet one" would not have the same effect)  Thank you Lauren and David and Daniel and whoever else was there!!!  Another great day in the Harold Schiffman Music Library!  Can't wait to see what might happen next!

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