Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Renovation Update: Carrels and Tables Arrive!!!

Yesterday was yet another exciting transformation day for the Harold Schiffman Music Library!  The photos tell the story:

Mike arrives - on his day of!!  That's dedication!  Thanks, Mike!!

Moving them in...so fast they are blurry!

And how cool that these parts look like...

Table legs...

Assembly of carrels

(DJC photo)

And the result?



(Gianna's photo with DJC's camera)

Wow!!  Thanks for the supplemental pics, David (DJC) and Gianna - we also got to go over to the opening of the DMC in Jackson - lots of cool things going on all over the University Libraries, eh?

And in the meantime, in the HSML yesterday we had multiple other things going on!

MK and David prepping training for our new peeps (and then MK training all morning!):

David Holley (et al.) shifting his archive...

Graduate carrels moved downstairs...

Cheryl and Keith fixing our computers...

Lauren and James shifting LPs...

NEVER a dull moment here in the HSML!!  More to come (of course).

Cheers to all prepping for classes starting next week!  Eek!  :-) 

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