Friday, August 10, 2012

Renovation Update: Carrels Depart...and Letters Arrive!

We have been waiting for months for these two things to take place, and, of course, they occur virtually simultaneously... such is the sense of humor of the universe!  (Luckily the carrels did not knock over Lonnie's ladder! Look to the end to get that one.)

Farewell to our old, clunky carrels who have served us well over the years, but are just too large for our cozy space.  Here are a couple of shots from before they left (notice old computers on the left getting ready to leave as well):

And the movers arrived, broke them down and moved them out to surplus:

Aaaaand...voila...gargantuan SPACE!!!  Woo hoo!!

And in the middle of all of this amazing transformation, there was another exciting event taking shape right outside our door...letters....morphing...into....

Lonnie puts the letters in place over the door...

Ta Da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (and no ladder/carrel collisions - yay!)


Here is a shot Melvina took, yes I'm just a tad excited:

What a transformational day in the Harold Schiffman Music Library!!!
More to come soon (yes, there is furniture arriving next week - knock wood)!

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